In Need?

So just how bad does anyone really need a vacation. We all say it, I think we all mean it, but I really wonder if it’s simply a cause and effect for the lack of vacation days in the American workers’ calendar year. I mean, honestly, I feel like our family takes advantage of the days we are offered, but they seem so short relative to the amount of days other countries workers are allowed. Seriously, Germany and France average at least 20 days or more to sit back and relax. How many of those folks do you think are sitting out there in their cubicles thinking, “I need a vacation” . Really? How long must they wait before one lands in their inbox. It’s a travesty of the New World, although luckily, in my field of expertise, I’m at least granted those days many call Banker Holidays. Ok then, I’ll take it and not complain any more for my own needs and, mainly, wants. But I will vent for every hard working American out there who is now feeling the gut wrenching knee jerk comment of…you guessed it! I need a vacation! Proud to be an American, that’s for sure, but I’d be much prouder with a little umbrella in my glass with a sandy shore beneath my toes. Keep smiling!

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