Find Peace

I’m always trying to emit a positive attitude about most things in life, so being faced with an especially reflective weekend such as the one we’re entering makes things a bit tougher. I really try to stick with the backbone I’m developing for this blog and that is being focused on my hobby/love of seeing this great world of ours. Whether it is through other’s eyes or my own, that doesn’t significantly change my overall goal, which is to be alive. Simply put, reflecting on the events 10 years ago and the many more that infiltrate our lives on a daily basis should only embolden us to strengthen the relationships we have, build more and continue on a path to a better person, which of course leads to a better family and of course, a better world. Consciously, I’m fully aware the events that transpired encouraged me to do more and see more. It also brought me to a point in my life where I have become more enamored with the people that surround me and am not near as judgmental on what I once considered “less desirable” behaviors. One constant that we all must confront is the fact that bad things happen, some far worse than others, but nobody is immune. But, for every instance of a world gone bad, I get reminded through my hobby of just how much is good. Whether you’re standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon or relaxing in your own backyard, I encourage you to find peace in where you go and what you do. Even if your travels send you only a couple feet from where you stand, make that effort to keep moving. Make this life work for you. Get out and see the world, find what makes you smile and live. Irie.

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  1. Virginia Blady

    This is so true. We sometimes dwell on the wrong or sad things in our lives. We have to remember the good things, people and places we have seen. Sometimes we don’t really know how much just “being there” is just where God wanted us to be and we there for a reason. just be thankful and grateful for being.


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