Hidden Gem- Pfeiffer Beach- NoCal

Being one of the last newspaper readers in the world I also like to read travel magazines quite regularly to scan for future trips and such. It’s nice to turn an actual page and not a virtual one. I’m still trying to make my way into the 21st Century even though I’m a GenXer. reading through an issue of Budget Travel not too long ago I came across a picture of a beach that not only caught my eye, but caused an immediate tear of the page and an exclamation, probably under my breath, of ” I gotta see this!” The spot, explained as a secret beach is Pfeiffer Beach in Northern California. It just so happened we had a trip planned to this part of the country to visit San Francisco, but our first several days would be spent exploring the coast, including Monterey and Big Sur. Now many folks visit Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park and while that is one beautiful scene, Pfeiffer can only be desribed as heaven on earth. Yes, it is hidden from the road, not far from the famous Nepenthe restaurant, you’ll find a road, unmarked and seemingly fit for a few houses to stand near. If you actually knew where you were going, you’d round that turn and see the State Park sign. At least we knew we were heading in the right direction. A winding one lane path you could say leads to the prize. A short hike of a couple hundred yards, and there it is. What I always envisioned of a California Beach was here, except it didn’t come clear as California. It felt more like a Hawaii scene, but cold. Truly magnificent! The beach, laced with purple sand throughout stands out in the bowl of the beach, waves crashing, sea lions swimming and for a few crazy folks, a frozen dip in a purple and blue ice cream sundae. Huge boulders stretch out into the ocean, inviting sailers to a certain doom if they ever tried to enter this safe haven.  How is this place hidden? That’s the first thing I asked. How can I keep it hidden…that was next. So , needless to say, I won’t give the clues on how to find this rare jewel, but ask a few questions around the Big Sur locals, and someone will guide you to it…maybe. We spent what could only be called a magical few hours trying to soak in what was spread out before us. You expect to be humbled at sites like the Grand Canyon, Rockies, etc, but not this. This was special. Pfeiffer Beach…like no other.

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  1. Virginia Blady

    Thank you for the picture I am going to add it to my places to go in the Big Sur.


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