Nashville- The world from Home

Sometimes luck just finds your direction. As the family joins together in contemplation of our next journey, and a painful set of time it is, we stumble on a bit of luck. The National Folk Festival has landed in Nashville for the next 3 years beginning this year. Now, a bit naive to the whole folk festival idea, I find myself thinking we’re about to walk into a Joan Baez fest with some additional Arlo Guthrie thrown in on the side. Now, nothing against those folkies out there who are still raving about the monotonous restaurant owned by Alice. For those who don’t understand that last sentence, I believe I must be showing my age or my brief obsession with songwriters and storytellers. But, this Folk Festival is more than we could have asked for in terms of a Labor Day Weekend that was being intruded by rain. The event, being held at the sparsely used Bicentennial Mall seemed pretty large upon driving in, even in a steady rain, so maybe this day will not be lost on the remnants of a tropical storm after all. Simply put, this event was a world of difference from what we expected…literally. In a matter of a couple hours we had learned the nuances of Hula Dancing, watched some Irish Fiddling, watched a Calypso parade weave its way through a rainy backdrop of tents and revelers and watched some breakdancing that sent memories of our New York City Subway sideshow we had all seen just a few years earlier. Again, showing my age as the Hip Hop portion of the show may have been the favorite as it took a mountain of strength for the girls to pry us away from the thumping sounds of the bass. We feast on Mexican, Jamaican and American fare, can we call French Fries American or is that a contradiction of food etiquette? As the rain pours and the sky darkens we venture to one last destination in the field, back to what I consider the roots of American music, Dixieland Jazz. Walking in you see the Second Line already in full swing and with the rain coming steadily up from the Crescent City towards Nashville it was if the sounds of the Preservation Hall had made their way through the bands of wind to carry that wonderful tune all the way to our home. With trip to Nawlins just a few months away, it gave us that sense of security we had been searching for the last few weeks. We have a trip on the horizon and it brings piece to all. We can leave this festival and go along our way trudging through to the next destination. Jazz, dancing, crafts and Bass. A Good day in Nashville and a good day for us to reflect on places we’ve been and places we have yet to be. Keep Smiling all!

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