One Hour Vacation

I’ve always had aspirations of being famous, I’m sure most of us have, if only in fleeting moments when we see the pictures of the famous and flamboyant grace our flat screens. Maybe it’s that trip to the far away islands of the South Pacific where we see them playing around in the surf from a telephoto lens. Security detail in hand, drinks a plenty pouring from personnel that have no doubt been briefed to be very quiet and to restrict anyone within 100 yards of the super famous. It sure does look sensational to me in those moments and can even lull you into thinking; I sure wish that was me.  Today, well today was different. At the urging of my ever cognizant wife, knowing that a Monday could easily be cheered along if she said the right thing did just that. My routine at work is pretty much humdrum, nothing special and very routine in terms of things I do and the overall schedule of the day. I work out regularly, but in the office workout room. My wife suggested a nice trip outside to get some exercise and clear my thoughts would be a healthy thing to do. I like healthy and I like to walk, as it gets me from place to place you know. So, much like Gump, I walked. Not fast as the wind can blow but at a good steady pace to where when I figured out where I was, I had gone a pretty good distance.  On the horizon, I could see a towering building, that with each step seemed to get bigger and bigger and my mind went racing. I knew the house, I had seen it before towering over what is Love Circle in my hometown and I am aware of the country music singer who lives there. It’s not important who it is as a simple search would reveal who lays claim to such a home, and honestly, I don’t care for country music so I would never critique the individual. Walking by it though, my initial thought of seeing this place was, Wow! How cool would it be to live in that house, or maybe walk in those shoes? My brain wandered aimlessly on what the inside might possibly look like. How many cool parties could I hold there with all the stars in tow hanging out on the magnificent balcony? Still reeling with multiple daydreams intertwining around my actual consciousness, I came around the bend to see it again. Except this time I happened on the front gate. Not necessarily a gate but a massive security door, flanked by multiple cameras pointed at every angle. What they were there to catch? I don’t know. I was completely alone, no paparazzi anywhere, no fans lining up to visit this pillar on the hill. Just me.  It was at that time I recognized my being alone. How good it felt to walk where I wanted, go where I wanted to go. How easy it was for me to walk down this street, cars passing me by, glancing, but no double takes. For several minutes on the walk back to work, I thought about all those places I never could have visited. How I could walk down Bourbon Street and not get mobbed. Walking into Times Square and just hanging out. Disney World, how could I not be anonymous for Disney World to just do what we want to do and go where we want to go. What a great loss my kids would endure if we could not just blend in? I’m not saying that if stardom fell on me I wouldn’t react and do the same things, but I know this. It helps to be comfortable in your own skin, being a star only makes sense in my own house. When I speak at home, I’m respected and for a couple small kids just enjoying the places we go and the people we see, that’s enough. It’s funny the revelations you can have when you simply step outside of the normal routine. Maybe that’s why travel has always had a grip on me. It opens your world to new possibilities and manages to set your priorities where they should be. Take a moment, step outside and see for yourself. Even a small trip can have big possibilities.


  1. Virginia Blady

    I have a sign over my door. It reads “Find joy in every journey” and I am just going out to sit on my swing and enjoy nature. Now that can be a really lovely, quiet and peaceful trip, and it’s just in my backyard! How sweet it is!

  2. Nancy

    I too like to walk. Everyday as I walk my dog I see the wonders of the world. On very hot, dry day a flower bloomed amongst dead, dried up weeds. It gave such a promise of things to come. Each time I walk my eyes and brain are opened to new thoughts and visions. Walks are good for the soul!


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