The Look

Do I have no face? Do I get no space? That’s the question I ask myself it seems on a daily basis. With social networking at an all-time high, I look at myself and gather comparisons to the tree that falls in the forest. You know the one. Does it actually make a sound? For me and my family the question is since we don’t Facebook and we’re not on MySpace, do we actually exist? Sounds silly to say unless you’ve experienced the “Look”. If you’re not a social networking aficionado like me, you have invariably experienced the “look”. It usually goes like this. You happen upon an acquaintance you haven’t seen in years or maybe it’s even the person who lives next door. After a few kind words and exchanges of pleasantries, the conversation takes a stark turn for those of us who don’t partake. Get on my Facebook page and I’ll “friend “you. Reactively, and not thinking clearly I blurt out, “I don’t Facebook.” And then it happens. The first reaction is generally a slightly muffled giggle, much like if I squirmed in a seat and a rather obnoxious noise came out that resembled a slightly ruder and much more obnoxious noise. Then the giggle fades away as they realize in horror that what was said was not actually put out there to induce a laugh, but to state the unobvious. A few seconds more go by as the blank faced individual in front of me quickly resends the last transmission through their head to make sure I, indeed, made this incredulous statement. It’s also a few seconds that are afforded to me to speedily retract my previous statement and come up with something a bit more tangible and realistic. But, alas, those seconds pass in anguish as the “look” becomes a stare, almost as if the individual in front of me is simply trying to decide if I actually exist.  Trying to move on from this uncomfortable event, the “look” becomes more of a frantic search for others that need to hear this statement for compliance reasons. After all, hearsay doesn’t hold up well in a court of public opinion, so if you can get a few others involved to make sense of the statement itself and verify its origin, you stand a better chance of spreading the word of this misguided individual that hasn’t embraced the 21st Century. Invariably, that word ends up on Facebook, and, just like that I’m published. Now, only a “genius/idiot” like myself would circumvent the entire social networking world and go straight for the payday, a blog. As if anything I have to say about life or travel makes a lick of sense. Like Schwartz, I pulled the Triple Dog Dare right out of my bag and decided the world needs to know. What do they need to know? Don’t ask me, I don’t Facebook.

Keep travelling and you’ll keep smiling!

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  1. Virginia Blady

    Actually, you have a wonderful way with words. After rereading The Face, you may have a point. You have wonderful a way of looking at things and always go for the more interesting comments. Facebook is just a place for those us who don’t understand blogging. But I do see “that look”!


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