If 5 were 7

What if you could make time drag. For all of those moments that seem to drag on in our lives, trips never do. They seem ridiculously short. Of course it’s only perception of time, but we tend to start counting down to our trip and it drags. Then, when we’re on the trip, time seems to elapse with more speed than a guy named Usain.  The perception of time is an intersting study. It’s never what we want it to be. Life goes on for what seems an eternity, yet, when we look back, it’s all gone so very fast, or so we think. Feel good, time flies. Feel bad, time drags. I think you get the picture. It’s a shame that we wish our days away, especially us Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 folk. But it’s natural to do, and then in a blink of an eye, the weekend is over. For some , it’s gone by Saturday night because we’re already dreading Sunday being one day before we go back. It’s no different with trips. By the time we get to the middle of our vacation week, we’re already missing our vacation because it’s almost over. That’s probably got something to do with why I’m always planning another trip. Just so it doesn’t seem so painfully bleak in my head. It’s also why we’ve made a habit of taking early flights on the way, and late flights on the way back. I’ve noticed in my previous travel plans that I would pick times based on preparing for the work week or not having to get up early for the flight. No longer. When we go on a trip for 7 days, we take the full 7 days. Many people, I think, seem to sell themselves short when it comes to travel. They’ll take 7 days off and spend 2 of the days traveling. Now, obviously for longer distance trips, you have to add more days, but why not take advantage of it all? Wake your ass up early and get to the airport. You can sleep later. A little yelling at the kids to get in the car now or we’re gonna be late only stings for a few minutes. And why not take a late flight home? Big deal if you’re going to be tired at work. It’s work! Most of you don’t like it anyways so you might as well go in with a travel-induced hangover to show your true colors. Basically, we just don’t get enough vacation days to waste them and there’s not enough time in our lives (if you’re looking back) to leave any opportunities hanging out there. So get those 2 extra days, it’s worth it! Time is a concept, that believe it or not, we can control to an extent, at least in perception. Make your time count and don’t waste another minute. Anyways, a few random thoughts that went through my head to waste some time. And just like that, it’s time to go home. It simply flew by!

Got my own world to live through
And I ain’t gonna copy you.
-Jimi Hendrix

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