The Shoestring DreamTrip- The Teaser

So you think a tropical vacation for you and the family is completely out of the question? It may be more possible than you think! The key is knowing what your options are and knowing when to pull the trigger on speacial deals that are out there. From seasonal fluctuations in airline pricing to renting a vacation home. You have options and I will give examples on just how much money it takes to make it happen. One of my biggest pet peaves is when I watch travel shows that highlight tropical, or otherwise, locations that really get you revved up to visit only to find out there’s no way possible to make it fit in your budget. If we based our decisions on what we saw on television, it’s likely that we would never venture much further than our own backyard. How aften do you see a show that tells you how to make the most of your travel dollar? Rarely I would guess. So my goal is to show you that it is possible to make a dream vacation on a shoestring. Now, first things first, you must keep in mind that a trip to any tropical locale is going to have a certain level of expense to it. That’s a given. Our family is in the midst of planning a trip to the USVI from Nashville, TN and the goal is to make it as cool a trip as we possibly can with the least amount of money. To give you some sort of baseline to compare, let’s choose the easiest option, one that many travellers stumble on from the get go.  A quick check through some travel sites, such as Cheap Caribbean, Travelocity and Expedia show the cheapest rate to be found for a week ends up running a bit over $3,000 for a family of four that includes your airfare and your place to stay. What if I told you I could get you there, with a place to stay with a down island view and a rental car for the entire week for $1,000 less, and with greater options to enjoy the island as it should be enjoyed? Interested? Stay posted for the next week as I break it down for each leg of the trip on how you can save money by just doing a bit more research. The same tips can be used for any trip so that you too may line up some dream trips of your own without breaking the bank in the process.

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