Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

That must have been the thought going through Paula Deen’s mind when she answered the question. Do I find any pleasure in what is going down with the restauranteur? No, but I’m sure there’s a man named Tony that has No Reservations about his feeling on the subject. The long-standing feud between these two television stars has been documented for some time, so it’s interesting to see which one of these was the first to fall. I must say, surprising.  Here you have Anthony Bourdain, and interesting man of course, but one who has never shied away from controversy. Maybe he makes some people’s skin crawl with his distasteful dialogue and pompousness, but I actually respect it and call it good TV. On the other side you have Paula Deen. Good ole southern girl who can’t do wrong. She’s self made just like Tony but someone , by all accounts, that is easy to get along with under any circumstances. Her flaw? A bit too much fried food, but hey, who doesn’t like that?
Tony- Says anything he wants, sponsors love it. Heavy drinking, dabbles with the green and just flat out in your face, here’s what you get mentality. And the sponsors? They love it and they love him. After all, when CNN comes calling with big bucks to a man who wrote about the underworld seedy side of being a chef in New York, things are going well.

Paula- Everybody’s nice neighbor, good down home chef that loves the region she is from and doesn’t back down from her thoughts. Food Network, cookbooks, celebrity at its best. Sponsors? Love her to death and can do know wrong until….

you play the race card. People will just never learn it seems. You can drug up, steal, fight, shave your head, shout craziness about “winning” and even kill someone. You’ll be forgiven. But, head into that territory of the forbidden, and you can simply be banished for life. Ask, Mel Gibson, maybe Kramer, or anyone else you can think of that have taken things just a bit too far in this realm and they’ll tell you. “Did I just say that out loud?” It’s as if they already know by the time it comes out.

And Paula Deen is no different. She knew right away the damage that had been done and it’s damn near impossible to take it back. Whereas Anthony Bourdain can cruise thru life taking jabs at anyone that happens to tick him off, even he has a threshold, and it’s the difference from being canceled and promoted. Life is ironic in that way I guess. The ones you always think are bound for a tongue-lashing are just a tad smarter than we think. Know your boundaries and then have No Reservations about them.

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