Same Window, Different View

You and I are not as different as you think. If you’ve somehow stumbled onto this blog you’ll first learn that my goals are very much a reflection of yours. To see as much of the world as I can in the allotted time that I have been given. If you’re lucky like me, you probably have others to share that experience that think very much the same way you do. Consistency is key with this lifestyle of the never-ending trip. It’s funny as I stare into the distance of a parking lot spotted with a few trees here and there. A single pane of glass separates me from an entire world of excitement and adventure. It’s that same pane of glass that we all peer through wondering what lies beyond. You’ve seen some pretty incredible places, as have I. I’ve had a lifetime of experience rolled up into a nice little package I call “my life” and, much like you, it’s not enough as there’s always more to come. Your pane of glass resembles mine, but what lies beyond yours, I strive to see. I’m sure the feeling is mutual. We all are a gang of thieves, looking to steal that next adventure, to see what lies beyond the glass, no matter how unreachable it seems, and take it for our own. Call it an addiction, call it a stress reliever or simply call it what it is, a life saver.


Life is full of mundane moments, habits and rituals. There’s no complaining from this side of the window pane because life is good. The alternative, well, not so much. I have very little in common with most of you, but that one thing, a window pane. What makes it so difficult for some people to stretch beyond it, while others seem to glide with ease from place to place. In your everyday life, each day can seem a repeat of the last, if that was all you restricted yourself to all of the time. Staying put is just easier to do, until it’s too late to do anything at all. Life has a way of sneaking up on all of us, quickly. The feeling of institutionalized can seep into everyday life hoping that someone will show up and pluck us away from that window we’ve gazed through day after day. But you’re not a prisoner, you’re not bound by bars, but by a single pane. What would happen if you looked beyond the view that you currently have and saw all that was possible? Many of you already have. Many of you already know. There is more than what you have now. There always is. The islands? They’re there. They exist. And at this very moment someone is looking through a pane of glass, yet it’s not the pane that you might be envisioning. What if that pane was the glass of your mask as you glide through the coral reef looking for the next color that only God could create. The mountains? Oh yeah, they’re there and they are huge and right now someone is nodding their head in agreement as they peer through the glass of their binoculars to catch that glimpse of wildlife as the sun sets. Maybe your pane is cruising down Route 66 passing a Burmashave sign. Or maybe it’s the pane of glass at 30,000 feet as you cross the Atlantic for your first overseas trip. As you can see, what restricts you also opens your world to new possibilities. Maybe the place you envision isn’t as far as you think. Maybe it’s the context of your thought process that need a reboot. Many others have been where you choose to be. A window didn’t stop them. Clearly, that glass isn’t strong enough to hold you in, is it?

“Live Within Your Means, Travel Beyond Them!”

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