Check Out My Rear!

You dirty, dirty reader you. I’m not sure what you expected to see but since my blog jumps from one topic to the other, it would be more than appropriate for you to expect to see a white backside all over your screen. But, not wanting any hyperventilating women out there, I chose to go another route. This topic is more about the back of your car. Just how much can you determine about a person from the back of their vehicle? We obviously know where you’re from but are there more clues to be had? Possibly. More times than not, you can figure out the personalities of people by what’s on their rear.

Those who like to run.
Those who like to run.
Those who don't.
Those who don’t.

Those who are rebels and those below who get beat by them.
Those who are rebels and those below who get beat by them.

No words for this one above of course. Now, take a look at the back of my car and you might have an idea of where my interests lie.


Ok, so that’s a bit too easy I know. Not to mention I’ve never been a fan of personalized license plates but yet, here I am, all wrapped up in my Caribbean Glory. My biggest issue was that nobody ever knew what the plate said. I even made fun of an acquaintance who had the personalized plate that said “bouteven”. I chose to call him Bootie Van, which really never went over well. Can’t imagine why? And like all others if I couldn’t interpret, I would complain that you shouldn’t get a plate that you’re the only one that understands its meaning. So, fast forward to a time when we’ve made several visits to the islands and have a full comprehension of the term “Irie”. We see many people taking pictures of it but not once in my sand-caked brain did I realize that not only would most folks not know the term, but instead I’ve become “that guy” who is asking everyone to be “eerie”. I feel like the goth kid in the corner that only smiles when the world smiles without him. But hell, the money has been shelled out and here’s to hoping that people are maybe looking it up (they’re not), or maybe even being Irie (let’s hope). But I can’t get a refund, so if you see me heading down the street, just know I’m not blasting some dark music looking for a gloomy day to interrupt your sunshine. Just good vibes Mon!

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