Around the Corner

The Road to Hana. The Million Dollar Highway. The Grand Canyon. The Alps. If you’ve been here or countless other places, you know the feeling. You reach a bend in the road and you anticipate, sometimes nervously, what will find you when you make that turn.

You never know what's around the corner
You never know what’s around the corner

What lies around the corner changes everything. Is there any more true statement than this? Each of us reflect this in so many ways. When you look back on your life, it’s easy to blend the many trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows and every other pivotal and non-pivotal event in your total existence into one big package, tie a bow around it and call it what it is, life. But, we all truly know it’s so much more. From the simple to the extreme, everything was calculated by us, but when you don’t know what’s around that next corner, you surrender yourself to the unknown and hope for the best. This very topic has crossed my mind often over the last few months. I’ve started to realize that my destiny is not just laid out for me, it’s directed by me. There are some corners I’ve turned that were, in fact, not the right ones, but just as many that proved to be correct and changed me in a positive way. Of course every decision we make is life-changing in some way, but there are many that simply stand out more than others, almost a fork in the road type of event. Why this has suddenly grabbed my attention is another story in itself. I’ve found myself at an interesting crossroad of which I don’t know what the future holds. What I do know is that I’m in control, even through the times when I feel I’m not. The goal is always to find a bit of peace in your life and that comes with a certain amount of stability. Stability brings comfort. But….what if the route of stability and comfort isn’t the path you should take? I’ve analyzed aspects of my past to help guide my future. I’ve found myself in these situations before, as we all have. I wasn’t always the best kid on the block. In fact, I would speculate that, for many, I was lacking self-control and my future was quite bleak. I had forgotten this time in my life until, well, I didn’t. There were episodes where I felt I deserved every bad thing that happened to me, but I didn’t let those toxic thoughts guide me. Instead, I searched for a corner that could turn my world around. For instance, I remember a time when a meaningful relationship seemed far away from me. Enough to where I felt I was simply cursed into a life of depression or at the very least, a partnership with someone where unconditional love simply wasn’t an option. And then, I came upon a corner, and I took it. And there she was. The woman who would become my future wife. Not too long after we found ourselves on the cusp, unexpectedly, of raising a family. And right when chaos began to wield its mighty sword, wouldn’t you know it, a corner appeared. A corner that would soon be my future career, and one that I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy. I guess it would be kind to fill in the blanks on my corner, but there’s no need. This is a simply an effort to encourage everyone, as well as myself, that there’s one thing that is a guarantee when it comes to living this life. It changes and you should always be prepared to change with it.


I’ve learned certain things over the years that maybe I had ignored for way too long. I’ve faced many battles in my life, ones that make my current corner seem jokingly needless and easily traveled. But truly, the current battle seems to always be the biggest battle. It takes reading my diary from within my own mind to remember where I was, where I cam from, and how I made life work for me. Countless corners I have encountered and they all led to where I am now. A place where I have no regrets. Which begs the question, do we ever make wrong choices to begin with? Life is a calculated risk. Yes, calculated. Things don’t ever just happen by accident. We put ourselves in the situations where accidents happen. It’s all part of the story of our life. As I type this at 30,000 feet, even being on this plane is a risk. Every corner I took to get me into the very seat I sit in at this moment, was in fact, a risk. What may seem like and endless diatribe of jumbled words here is in fact a reality check. Without risk, where would we be? It occurs to me that we put too much credence into making life easy. The best things that have ever happened in my life came from the “simple” decision that a change had to be made. That decision may be overshadowed by the risk involved, but here’s the thing. A corner had to be made to see what was on the other side. Simply standing still isn’t an option. It could be good. It could be bad. But isn’t it better to know. My life isn’t falling apart. My career isn’t going away. My goals haven’t been taken from me. Life is good! I’ve simply come to another corner and I can’t help but wonder what lies around the bend.

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