It seems the only thing that is keeping our relic of a refrigerator from falling apart is the huge cross-section of magnets from our travels that interlock in various positions. […]

I find it very discouraging these days when I’m pricing trips out to destinations. When you compare numerous sites you can sometimes find what seems like tremendous deals that are […]

  Oktoberfest kicked off in Germany over the past week with the traditional tapping of the first keg by Munich’s mayor. For those who have been sipping on American beer for […]

Going to Las Vegas with your family can be one hell of an adventure. You find yourself as a parent on constant alert scanning your surroundings to make sure that […]

Yes, it’s reversed from how you would normally read it, but this is the appropriate order for me. This view, just give me this view and everything else will work […]

How often do you find yourself truly alone? My guess is not that often. As a matter of fact I can only remember one time in my life being in […]

Being that I’m a junkie when it comes to travel shows, this statement says a bunch. There’s a bevy of shows out there that promote travel, including reality shows and […]